Pinceaux ZAO / ZAO Brushes                 


Essential accessory for a controlled make-up, discover our bambou brushes range, an ideal complement to ZAO products...


Products description :

Handle material: Bamboo

Hairs material : Synthetic (Nylon)

We have chosen synthetic hairs rather than natural ones, because we refused that an animal could be wounded or killed for the manufacturing of our make-up brushes.


Instructions for use :

Kabuki brush (701) : To be used with mineral silk.



Total face brush (702) : To be used with compact powder and mineral cooked powder.



Blush brush (703) : To be used with compact blush and mineral cooked powder.



Shading brush (704) : To be used with eye shadows. Useful with shaded tones.


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Orbit brush (705) : To be used with eye shadows. Useful with shaded tones.



Angled eye shadow (706) : To be used with eye shadows. Brings more accuracy.



Sponge applicator (707) : To be used with eye shadows. Brings more accuracy.

With 4 washable head refills.



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Lip brush (708) : Specially designed for a precise application, especially because of its long thin handle which provides optimal grip, it brings a better finish and a "pro“ rendering. It perfectly hems the lips and could be used with a lipstick like a gloss.



Eye brow brush and comb (709) : It structures the look thanks to its dual use, a brush side to discipline the eyelashes, a comb side to remove the mascara excess.



Blending brush (710) : Brush with a conical shape that allows to apply the color accurately. It guarantees a flawless shading, ideal for mixing shadows.

Tip : perfect with a dark shadow in the hollow eyelid to give dimension to the look.



Foundation brush (711) : The foundation brush could be used with the silk foundation as with the compact foundation. It allows easy and controlled application. Indispensable tool for a makeup case, it can correct imperfections naturally (and thus avoid the "mask effect"). 

Tip : for a more natural rendering, apply foundation to the center of the face and stretch it to the outside.



Duo eyebrow brush (712) : This is the ideal  all in one tool for working on eyebrows. It structures the look thanks to its double use:

- The angled brush allows precise application of eyebrow powder for a natural result.

-The bottlebrush can comb the eyebrows, remove excess powder in the eyebrows, but also separate the lashes and remove excess of mascara material.

Pinceau sourcils duo / Duo eyebrow brush

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