ZAO make-up belt

Ceinture maquillage ZAO / ZAO make-up belt*


The make-up belt meets as much the needs of professionals who wish to have a practical and functional tool as the most demanding consumers. It uses the colorful ZAO design (already seen with the beauty case and the new makeup suitcase). Closed (zip) it is compact and easy to carry. Once opened, it reveals plenty of storage space, well arranged for your brushes and products. 











Taille crayons / Pencil sharpener


Indispensable in your makeup bag, the ZAO pencils sharpener allows a clean and precise sharpening.
Compatible of course with ZAO's  pencils range, you could also sharpen pencils of bigger diameter thanks to its second slot.
Its tank allows a clean sharpening in any circumstances.









Pochette pinceaux ZAO / ZAO brushes pouch



Ceinture maquillage ZAO / ZAO make-up belt

*picture for illustration purposes only. 


The choice of materials (fabric easy to clean), the manufacturing quality, the practicality, the ergonomics ..., makes it the essential accessory to assist you in your activities (make-up workshop, sales event...).


Product description :

Dimensions : 330*250 mm (open)           








Taille crayons / Pencil sharpener


Product description :

Dimensions : 40*38*25 mm









Pretty and practical, ZAO's brushes' pouch is suitable for all uses, including nomads. Ideal to store your brushes or your products inside your makeup trousse, at home or away.


Product description :

Dimensions : 185*120 mm