Shades :

French manucure / French manicure

                             641 White French                  642 Beige French                643 Pink French

 Vernis / Nailpolish

              644 Black                           645 Cocoa                      646 Hazel-brown                    647 Rust

Vernis / Nailpolish

             648 Jade                              649 Grey                       650 Carmine red                      651 Plum

 Vernis / Nailpolish

               652 Lilac                           653 Night blue                       654 Hot pink                       655 Nude

Vernis / Nailpolish

           656 Coral                      657 Fuchsia pink


Product description :

Net weight : 8 ml


Refillable : No


 Nailpolish characteristics



MAY CONTAIN (+/-): CALCIUM ALUMINUM BOROSILICATE, ISOPROPYL TITANIUM TRIISOSTEARATE, SYNTHETIC FLUOPHLOGOPITE, POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE, SILICA, CI 12085, CI 15850, CI 15880, CI 19140, CI 42090, CI 47005, CI 73360, CI 77000, CI 77007, CI 77019, CI 77266, CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 77510, CI 77742, CI 77861, CI 77891.

Erratum: we previously indicated the presence of Carmine in the nail polish 650, or this ingredient was mentioned in the May Contain but not present in our formulations. Therefore all our nailpolishes are vegan. We apologize for the misunderstanding caused.

Certification : No


Testing on animals : No testing on animals, neither on finished product nor on ingredients.


Ingredients from animals : No ingredient from animals is used.


 Compatible vegan, sans gluten/ Vegan compatible, gluten free


Vernis / Nailpolish



Play with colors !

Elegance and glamor of the French manicure, or if you prefer classic, or even trendy colors, our 15 nailpolishes will meet all your desires!

Without any nocive ingredient and enriched in silica (bamboo oil), you can use them without limitation!  


Instructions for use :

French Manicure  

Expression of the “French Glamour”, the French Manicure was born in the 70’s in the United States. Very popular with Hollywood “stars”, it was called "French" in reference to the "French Touch" synonymous with elegance and refinement.

How to apply « French Manucure » : 

Apply the hardener (635) to prepare the nail and make the « French » covering to last longer.

Apply then a layer of white French (641) on said “free area” of the nail, in order to outline it.

Then drop on the rest of the nail, beige (642) or pink (643), to bechosenaccording to your complexion or yourmood!

Finalize everything with the “glossy”Top Coat (636) for a shiny result and an optimum fit.


Focus on the nude or « lownail » tendency:

For a natural and discreet appearance, nails blend into a tone close to that of the skin in order to extend the fingers and give the hands a slender side.

(Shades: 642 Beige French, 643 Pink French, 646 Hazel-brown, 645 Cocoa, 655 Nude)


The « must haves »:

Black 644: definitely cult, rock and fashion, black is over the trends. Apply on short nails.

Carmine red 650: classic of classics, it brings distinction and sophistication. So chic!

Night blue 653: deep and mysterious ... The trend : to match with one eye makeup.


The « alternatives »

Plum 651: the perfect balance between the “sophisticated ” red and the “rock'n'roll “ black. Irresistible with a glossy or a matt top coat.

Rust 647: fresher and brighter than red, it is perfect for those who want "colors".

Gray 649: smart, it will suit to those seeking for a discreet elegance. Matt or glossy top coat and short nails required!


The « outsiders » :

Play with colors!

Deliciously regressive hot pink (654), subtly and precious as jade (648), or chic and trendy as lilac (652), they ideally complement the range, and can meet the most demanding dress code.


Harmful ingredients we proscribed of our nail care products:


Endocrine disruptor. Irritation of the eyes (lacrimation, conjunctivitis) and upperrespiratory tract (nasopharyngitis, bronchitis possible), if ingested or inhaled: headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hematuria, dizziness, photophobia (sensitivity to light) and nephrotoxicity.



Neurotoxic. Its vapors may be irritating to the upper respiratory tract and eyes above 100 ppm. Following repeated or prolonged contact, this product has a degreasing effect on the skin. It can cause redness, peeling and cracking. Inhalation of vapors may cause central nervous system depression.



Carcinogen. In 2004, IARC has classified formaldehyde as a carcinogen to humans (Group 1). In Europe, it is classified as "category 3 carcinogen" (possibly carcinogenic to humans), but after a more severe proposal of France, this classification is under review.



Irritating and nerve: This product causes mild eye irritation and moderate skin irritation. Inhalation of vapors may cause central nervous system depression. Exposure to vapors may cause irritation of the eyes and upper respiratory tract. Following repeated or prolonged contact, this product has a degreasing effect on the skin. It can cause redness, scaling and cracking. 


Colophony (rosin)

irritating / respiratory disorders: Several cases of skin sensitization are also reported. The cases are isolated but quite varied: beauticians who applied depilatory waxes containing rosin, as well as artists who reacted to their stage makeup.



Irritation: eyes, upper respiratory tract if inhaled: decreased frequency of breathing, slow heart rate, worsened symptoms if inhaled in large doses.


Source : 

CSST - Toxicological directory service (